Post-Announcement (4/24/17)

     It's been almost a week since our announcement trailer and the response has been fantastic! We're overjoyed by the response and we're super glad people are excited to find out more and eventually play Light of the Mountain.  We've been asked a lot about more detailed story elements and some of these puzzle solving mechanics we've mentioned, and we're working hard to be able to show everyone more very soon.

     We're currently working on a gameplay demo that will showcase some of the game's mechanics and puzzles to give you a taste of how the game is played. This being our main focus we hope to have more to show you very soon.

     We also launched the Songhouse Games Developer Podcast shortly after the trailer was released. On this podcast we will be talking to each other about the Light of the Mountain and show you our general working environment as we work on the game. We're just there to be ourselves, work on Light of the Mountain, and give you more info on the game (without spoiling anything of course). If you have any questions you want to ask us on our podcast? Tweet at us with the hashtag #LoMQA or Post on our facebook!

     Thanks again for the overwhelming response to our first trailer for Light of the Mountain. We'll be working tirelessly to deliver an experience that will be worthy of your time, and that you will have a blast playing!


     - The SongHouse Games Dev Team

Gameplay Trailer and Demo!


     As of just a few days ago we've posted our first gameplay trailer for Light of the Mountain! We've been super hard at work on this game to make sure we bring out something really special. There are a few new features we've been working on in the game that we haven't previously shown or talked about, such as a prologue sequence that will take place before the main game. This prologue features a character we haven't shown off in great detail just yet, but is being voiced by Austin Ryder (Grohlvana). 

     In our trailers we have always ended them off by showing that the release date is sometime in the fall of this year. We do have a projected release date though we'll be keeping this to ourselves for the time being until we're fully sure that we will hit this date on time. Once we figure out where we stand as far as the release goes, you will know as soon as we do.

   As far as the demo we've previously mentioned is concerned, we've opted not to release it until we're a bit closer to release. Light of the Mountain is something that's special and close to us here so we want to be sure that what we're giving you is the best possible game it could be. Thanks for sticking with us and supporting two random twenty-something year olds on this interesting journey of making our first game together!

     - The SongHouse Games Dev Team

Release Window and

Development Update


     It's been a little bit since we've given a proper update on the state of Light of the Mountain. We do have a release window that we're ready to announce though it is a bit farther back than we had originally intended. After careful consideration we've decided that Light of the Mountain will released for Playstation 4 and Steam in January of 2018. 

     This is quite a jump from our original Fall 2017 release date but we felt it necessary that Light of the Mountain release in January instead.

     Most of the people who have been following us know that we are a small team of just two people working on this game, so it's a rather large workload for us. Not to say that it isn't doable or we aren't enjoying it. We can more than handle this and it's an absolute joy to work on this game. But we do feel that if we released the game too early then it wouldn't be nearly as great as it could be. The game would lack the polish and detail we would want it to have. The last thing we want to do is rush this game out and have it be mediocre, as we're sure most gamers have seen happen with other titles in recent years. 

     Releasing Light of the Mountain in January 2018 will allow us the extra time to be able to put so much more into this game and give it that extra level of polish and refinement we have always wanted it to have. This will allow us to deliver the best possible experience to you all and we feel it will be more than worth the wait.

     We know this may disappoint some, but we know that in the end it will have all been worth it!

     Now, more than a few people have asked us about the possibility of releasing on other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One. We can say for certain that we are looking into these areas, but we can't make any promises on these fronts yet. 

     All that being said, Light of the Mountain is still coming along at a steady pace! A lot of the new scenes we've added are coming together very nicely. Below are a few screenshot of some of the new locations! 

     Once again, thank you for sticking with us! This journey has been incredibly long, but it is far from over. We're very much looking forward to starting off 2018 right with the release of Light of the Mountain!

- The Songhouse Games Dev Team

Hurricane Irma


     Our office is based in Orlando, Florida. Right now Orlando is right in the middle of the predicted path of Hurricane Irma. So far this is a hurricane that has completely devastated multiple islands in the Caribbean. It's hard to imagine what the people of these island nations are going through. Having been to both St. Maarten and Puerto Rico and seeing what these beautiful islands are like today is truly heartbreaking.


     Now it seems it's our turn to have a go at Irma. We have been preparing for this storm for the past few days. We've been through multiple hurricanes before and we know exactly what to do and what to expect; though this storm is worse than anything the two of us have ever been through. We're thinking of everyone in the Caribbean and all of our neighbors here at home. Even some of our neighboring game devs here in Orlando like Lefthanded Games Studio, and EA Tiburon. Our thoughts are with all of you and we hope you stay as safe as you possibly can during Irma.

     We will be updating our twitter as much as we possibly can before and after the storm has passed us. If you aren't already following us on twitter we are @Songhousegames.

     In Light of the Mountain one of the key themes is how normal everyday people can stand up and be strong in the face of great adversity. Every storm passes, and the sun always rises in the morning. A lot of us in Florida are worried for what will happen. Even us here at Songhouse Games. But know that we are prepared. Ourselves and everyone around us will come out stronger because of this. Things are a little scary and stressful here, but I promise you will hear back from us, and you'll see more Light of the Mountain soon!

- The Songhouse Games Dev Team

One Final Delay


     It turns out that unfortunately before Light of the Mountain can be released we have one last bump in the road. This was completely unexpected on our part and we can understand how some people are rightfully upset or frustrated. The approval process for Steam had taken longer than we had anticipated and will not be finished until after our release date of January 26th, 2018.

     We can tell you for certain that the game itself is finished. Everything is as it should be. It's just the process of moving the app to steam has proved to be longer than expected. We've moved our game only a week ahead of its previous release. The game will be releasing on February 2nd, 2018.

     We're extremely sorry that this has happened. This is the second delay the game has had and in a perfect world we would have this game to you on Friday as intended. Please forgive the minor delay and we're still extremely happy to be able to share Light of the Mountain with you on February 2nd.

- The Songhouse Games Dev Team