Brian Henken

Brian is a strapping young twenty-something year old father of none who is currently working on the art, design, story, and music of Light of the Mountain. He grew up in Central Florida with the dream of someday directing films, but has recently discovered a newfound passion for making somewhat successful indie games. He is one of the two original founders of Songhouse Games, LLC. You can find him on his twitter @BrianThomass64

Dylan is twenty-five years of age (Actual age in photo is six years of age). He's a big fan of the Chicago Cubs, and does a terrible impression of John Lennon. Born and raised in Central Florida, he mindlessly wandered through life not caring about anything until he one day discovered the art of programming video games. With this skill he became one of the two founders of Songhouse Games, LLC. You can follow his twitter @Dylan_McColley 

Dylan McColley